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HUD Releases Booklet Mentioning Exclusive Buyer Agents

HUD Settlement Cost BookletHUD  added a revision to its latest version of “Shopping for Your Home Loan – HUD’s Settlement Cost Booklet.” 
On page 6, it discusses the role of a real estate broker or agent and now includes a bolded reference to exclusive buyer’s agents.  Here’s what it says:

IV. Shopping for a House
Role of the Real Estate Agent or Broker

“Frequently, the first person you consult about buying a home is a real estate agent or broker.  Although these agents and brokers provide helpful advice, they may legally be representing the interests of the seller and not yours.  You can ask your family and friends for recommendations.

It is your responsibility to search for an agent who will represent your interests in the real estate transaction.  If you want someone to represent only your interests, consider hiring an “exclusive buyer’s agent”, who will be working for you.”

Have you ever heard of an Exclusive Buyer Agent?  Continue to the next page and see a revealing video about the difference between Real Estate agents. Think about it … the Seller has their Agent, shouldn’t you, the buyer, have Your Agent?  Be careful out there … what you don’t know could hurt you!


We are happy to see even the government mentioning the benefits of using an Exclusive Buyer Agent.  That is what we at Finding Homes for You are all about, representing you the St. Louis Home Buyer throughout the entire home buying process.

More about who we are as St. Louis Exclusive Buyer Agents and what we do for YOU!

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