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Use Your Phone to Find Your St. Louis Home

Has a house gone up for sale in your neighborhood recently?  Wondering what the price is but you don’t want to appear nosey?

Curious about what it looks like on the inside  but you don’t want to disturb the owners?

Or maybe you don’t want anyone to know you’re even looking!

How about when you’re driving around an interesting neighborhood and you wonder if there are any homes for sale.  You really don’t want to call a real estate agent because you’re not ready yet. Your spouse is getting bored (and cranky) while you  continue to drive from neighborhood to neighborhood checking out St. Louis real estate.

For crying out loud, you just want to check out some St. Louis homes for sale  without everyone knowing your business!

Here’s what you can do in less than a minute …

St. Louis Mobile Real Estate Application

Use Your Phone … to Find Your St. Louis Home!

Finding Homes for You was the first company to introduce “Smarter Agent” to the St. Louis area. It’s like having a real estate agent in your pocket.  All of the listings from the MLS are now delivered to your phone instantly!

It works like this:

Find: Locate St. Louis listings by GPS (your current location), address, city or zip code.  So, you pull up in front of a home that’s for sale and you get the info not only on that house, but in addition, all of the homes nearby will pop up for you to view.

Select price range and property type to find what you’re looking for.

View: See price, square footage, estimated mortgage, descriptions, pictures, interactive maps and more.

Connect: You can get more answers using the “Call to See” feature.

Price: FREE

Privacy: You can use the app with no obligations.  In fact we do not have access to your mobile phone number.  You don’t have to register or sign in and you will have complete anonymity.

We don’t call you, you call us if you want more information.

So Curious George, you can get the app right now sent to your phone!

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