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Don’t be Fooled by Staged Homes in the St. Louis Real Estate Market

Beware of “Staged” St. Louis Homes for Sale

The “staging” of a home for sale is a growing trend that sellers are turning to in this soft St. Louis real estate market.  Staging a home is a big business and has shown to help a home sell faster than a home that is not staged.

There’s a lot more involved in getting a home ready for selling than simply de-cluttering  the closets, vacuuming the house and picking up the laundry.  Some sellers are putting all of their belongings into storage units and having a professional staging company come in and re-do their home for optimal presentation to prospective buyers.

However, it has been suggested that home staging can be used to conceal some of the “blemishes” in a home.  If you are a potential buyer here are a few things you should know about …

Beware of the Tricks of Home Staging

Some of the tricks of the trade can include the following:

  • Placing rugs over the damaged areas of floors
  • Using smaller pieces of furniture to make the rooms appear bigger
  • Using curtains to hide rotting sills

Just remember that when the house is eventually sold, the stage disappears and you are left with reality. The tricks of home staging do not improve the floor plan, change the actual square footage of the home, or the quality of the neighborhood. These are the items that need the focus as they will eventually effect your re-sale value in the future.

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