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St. Louis West County Home Prices-Year to Date

St. Louis Home Prices for West County – Ballwin, Chesterfield, Des Peres, Ladue, and Wildwood

Everyone wants to know “How’s the market doing?”   The answer … it depends on location.  The chart above clearly demonstrates the highs and lows of home values since the beginning of this year.  For some Sellers it has been depressing, for buyers an opportunity like never before.

Neighborhoods are like mutual funds.  Some outperform others.  Just like there are many mutual funds, there are also many neighborhoods that may, or may not, be performing as well this year. You just have to get a hold of the data to know!

Let’s see where some of the values might be and the homes that are now on the market …

Ballwin Real Estate

If you look at the chart for Ballwin you will see median prices are at the lowest level they have been at for the year.  In spite of the fluctuations in values, Ballwin still has drawing power due to its location in both the Parkway School District and Rockwood School District region.

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Chesterfield Real Estate

As you can clearly see, values have dropped off significantly this year.  We are sure many sellers are not too happy with this situation.  But if you are a buyer, there has been no better time to enter the market.  Recently two local high schools in the Rockwood School District received national recognition.  Great schools, a low crime rate, along with shopping and parks to keep everybody happy will continue to attract buyers to Chesterfield.

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Wildwood Real Estate

If you live in the Wildwood area you have to be pretty happy how values have not only held their ground, but have steadily increased throughout the year. Wildwood is also in the award-winning Rockwood School District and has been noted in Money Magazine as one of the top places to live in the Midwest.

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Ladue Real Estate

Ladue Real Estate took a beating towards the end of 2009 and into the first 3 months of 2010.  But starting in April prices started rising again at a impressive rate.  Ladue residents enjoy well-respected private schools and outstanding public schools in the Ladue and Kirkwood districts.

Learn more about Ladue Real Estate and see all Ladue homes for sale

If you would like more data about any of these area/neighborhoods contact Finding Homes for You at 636-386-0659.
We only work for buyers and will protect your interests.  The seller has their agent, shouldn’t you, the buyer, have yours?

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