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Buying a Home in St. Louis-A Battle of the Sexes?

Is there a battle of the sexes going on with St. Louis Home Buyers?

We’ve all heard that men and women are from different planets. So, what happens when planets collide while navigating through the  decision of buying a home?

Are men and women really that different?

See the results of a survey and check out the video of how home builders are reaching out to single women …

Survey Shows Gender Differences In Home-Buying Decision Making

Here are a couple of highlights from the survey conducted by a national real estate company:

Women are inclined to make up their minds more quickly than men.

*When they were asked how long it took before they knew their home was “right” for them, nearly 70 percent of women had made up their mind the day they walked into the house, as compared to 62 percent of men.

Women would rather live closer to their extended family than to their job.

* Around 55 percent wanted to be close to their extended family compared to 37 percent of men.

Men and women agree on how they would use a spare room.

* When respondents were asked how they would use and extra 12×12 room if it could be anything they wanted, men and women agreed on the top three most popular, and very practical responses:

Bedroom: 25 percent
Office/Study: 15 percent
Family Room or Den: 11 percent

But guess what?  Men really do want a “Man Cave.”

* Out of the 8 percent who said the would turn the spare room into an entertainment center, four times as many men as women said they would use the extra space for recreation or entertainment.

Battle of the Sexes in Home Construction

How Home Builders are Targeting Single Women Buyers

The solution to gender differences?

Well, I guess if we knew all of the answers we’d probably be best selling authors  instead of being in real estate!  However, we do have 25 years of combined experience helping buyers, whether they are male or female, married or single!

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