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St. Louis Crime Map-Where and When

St. Louis Crime Mapping and Statistics-Location and Types of Crime

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The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department has been upgrading their web site and have made real improvements with their crime mapping feature.

In St. Louis Real Estate the keyword is: Location, Location, Location. This brief video shows you how easy it is to get informed about crime in St. Louis. Where is the crime taking place?  What type of crimes are committed, etc.

If you are a potential home buyer you can now type in the address of the property you are interested in and find out what the crime situation is around your potential new home.

For the direct link to the website, and most recent crime report by neighborhood, please continue …

St. Louis Crime Reporting-Neighborhood Statistics

St. Louis Police Crime Summary by Neighborhood January-August 2010

Link to St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department Crime Map

Has any real estate agent told you about this great tool?  If not, why not?

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