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St. Charles County Francis Howell School District Cancels Year-Round Schedule

St. Charles County Francis Howell School District Eliminates Year-Round School Schedule

A decision made Thursday evening by the School Board will surely be the conversation piece for some St. Charles County parents and elementary students not just today, but for months to come.

In a decision that will impact the schedules of thousands of families, the board voted out the unique school calendar which had kids going to school year round since 1969.

To find out when the new schedule starts and more details continue reading …

Francis Howell School Districts Eliminates Year-Round School Schedule

The new schedule is expected to start in August 2011, is a mix somewhere between a typical school calendar and a year-round one.

Students in all grades will now attend school from August to May. But they will have what most public school students do not have – Read the rest of the article here courtesy of

Whether you live in the Francis Howell School District, or not,  please leave your comments here.  Do you think this is a good idea and how will it effect you personally?

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