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Holiday Apps for St. Louis Shoppers

Apps for St. Louis Shoppers to Save Time and Money During the Holidays

There’s an app for that.  The Holidays are stressful but for you i-Phone users help is available. These apps can help you utilize your precious time while you’re out in the crowds. Whether you want to take advantage of Black Friday deals, navigate quickly through a St. Louis mall, compare prices, or get live football scores while stuck somewhere, check this out …

Apps for St. Louis Shoppers

Apps for Holiday shopping and navigating through St. Louis Malls, compare prices, Black Friday price updates and more.

Black Friday Apps

The madness is almost upon us with everyone hunting for the best deals. Arrive prepared for battle armed with the latest prices updated on your smartphone with BF Deals Cool program that eliminates fliers and papers.

TGI Black Friday is another cool app worth checking out for you mall warriors.

St. Louis Mall Apps

Don’t you hate trying to get around in a crowded mall while you’re on a tight schedule?  Wish you could tap into whatever merchants have a special deal?  Want to know where the closest bathroom is for that toddler with the active bladder?  Have no fear!  Here are two apps that can steer you St. Louis shoppers through the upcoming insanity and even remind you where you left your car!

FastMalls This app has a ton of data even showing you where the escalators are located!  I tested it tonight at the Chesterfield Mall and it guided me from one store to another in a kind of Google step by step route. There were also quite a few stores whose coupons were on the app with some good savings.  BTW, restrooms are also mapped out for you!

Point Inside You want to get to the Bananna Republic store. Where the heck is it?  This app actually shows you the floor plans of most malls where you can see the location of the store you are searching for. Very cool!

Price Comparisons

CompareMe Shopping Utility This kicks frugality to a new level. It’s a comparison calculator that lets you compare products in different sizes and packs.  Geared more toward food purchases (for those of you stuck cooking) but hey, if you are buying in bulk this could save you some money.

RedLaser The first time my wife found me in the kitchen scanning the bar codes on can goods … she worried about my current mental condition!  This app lets you use the camera in your i-Phone to scan any UPC code which then instantly delivers the price on that product from other stores.  Why pay more if you don’t have to!

Christmas Gifts List St. Louis Shoppers can organize and budget all of your Christmas gifts this year with this easy-to-use app. Works for other winter holidays too. (Hannukah, Kwanzaa, and of course Festivus)

Pro Football Live You’ve just finished your Holiday dinner and the TV is already taken over by everyone else watching Shrek IX while you’re dying to know the latest scores and football happenings.  Now you can just sneak away and enjoy this app and get that gridiron fix!

I Need a New House App or What’s Happening in the St. Louis Real Estate Market App

Find Me a New House Your relative or friend is in from town and is thinking about moving here. They ask you, “What’s the real estate market like here, what can I get for my money?”  You , being the savvy person you are, then responds by sharing your new i-Phone app from Finding Homes for You that delivers the entire MLS to your phone.

Or maybe after seeing how you are outgrowing your current place  you decide it’s time to think about expanding your horizons and get some more space for your guests.  It’s all here on this one app. Check it out!

Look for more techie news in the future.
Anybody out there have any apps they want to share with the rest of us?  Please leave us a comment!

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