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Sunset Hills Tornado Damage News

Sunset Hills Tornado Damage News

This is not the subject we thought we would be blogging about to start the new year.  Sunday afternoon I joined a group of volunteers from the Service International Organization to help clean up in one of the most devastated areas in Sunset Hills.  I have never visited the scene of a tornado before or witnessed up close the overwhelming devastation it can cause. The local news coverage was excellent, but actually being there was emotional and stunning.

Instead of writing about the usual subject of real estate we wanted to change the focus and share some photos and information how you can help whether it’s indirectly or in hands-on clean up.

Please continue for update links, photos, videos and what you can do to help.

Sunset Hills Tornado Damage

We only had the opportunity to hear from one of the families impacted by the tornado.  One lady told the experience of her elderly parents.  She said that her mother, age 94, was somehow able to get her husband (age 98 and a World War II veteran) out of his bed and into the hallway where she was able to shield him with her body until the tornado finished its course.  Miraculously, they were both spared with no injuries!

News and What You Can Do

City of Sunset Hills Web Site

Service International

The following is an excerpt from their site this morning:

January 3, 2011

  • FEMA is expected to be here tomorrow, therefore we’re forced to decline any volunteer labor to help clean up.  Cash contributions can be mailed to the:”City of Sunset Hills-TAF” (TAF – Tornado Assistance Fund)
    3939 S. Linbergh Blvd.
    Sunset Hills, MO. 63127

    The discounts for victims at Sunset Plaza reported yesterday in the media are still in the process of working their way administratively with the respective retailer.

  • The following information relative to volunteer activity was made available at 8:56am:

For those wanting to volunteer individually with clean up/debris removal, contact: Service International. They plan to be back all week (and perhaps into next week as well) and will be staging out of the Pool Parking lot. Their contact phone number is (636) 532-9008 and their address is 17466 Chesterfield Airport Road, Chesterfield, MO 63005. Website:

For individuals are present to drop off food and clothing, take it to the Community Center which is open from 5:30 AM – 9 PM Monday thru Thursday and until 7 on Friday. Sat 7 AM – 7 PM, Sunday 11 AM – 5 PM. If folks call wanting to drop off food or clothing, take their contact information and after the needs assessment is complete, we may be making contact with them.

For companies that want to offer services for either free, reduced rates, or otherwise, contact Trish Moore who will be compiling a master spreadsheet. The goal will be after the firms are checked out to pass this information onto the affected residents.

  • 1:20pm – The City will start picking up debris & limbs on Wednesday from curbside.
  • Questions regarding building permits are starting to come in.  The Public Works office is gearing up to assist applicants in this matter.  For now, we have tools such as in-house GIS and County information services to help with plot plans if the intent is to re-build existing foot-prints.  For now, you can start this process by reviewing our normal procedure and download the online PDF application here.

Photos Taken on Sunday, January 2nd

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