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St. Louis Real Estate Markets that May Have Hit Bottom

Which parts of the St. Louis Real Estate Market Have Hit a Low Price Point?

Two questions we are always asked:  1. “How’s the Market?” 2. “Have We Reached the Bottom?”  No easy answer for those questions these days.  Neighborhoods and towns are sort of like Mutual funds … some outperform others! You need to look at the data to get an idea of what’s happening now.

If anyone says they know when the market has bottomed out they are either 1. Selling you an investment newsletter or 2.Possibly under the influence of an illegal substance.
However, with all that said, it does not take a rocket scientist or a financial wizard to know it’s best to “Buy Low” and “Sell High”.  So, let’s get started with some recent charts showing the median price for a couple of areas that seem to be coasting at the bottom.  BTW, median price means there are as many homes priced higher as there are priced lower.

Note: Click the Charts Below if You Want to See the Current Homes for Sale in that Area

Clayton, Missouri Median Pricing for Single Family Homes

Frontenac, Missouri Median Pricing for Single Family Homes

View Frontenac Homes for Sale

Ladue, Missouri Median Pricing for Single Family Homes

Sunset Hills, Missouri Median Pricing for Single Family Homes

Wildwood, Missouri Median Pricing for Single Family Homes

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