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How the Flying Car Could Impact St. Louis Real Estate

How The Soon-to-Be Released Flying Car Could Affect St. Louis Real Estate

The first Flying Cars could be seen in the St. Louis area within the next two years.  This is not a joke or an illusion brought on by the current heat wave!  Last week, Terrafugia, the company developing this hybrid of car/plane, cleared their last government hurdle and started taking orders. The developers stated they have 100 pre-orders at a price tag of $279,000.  The Flying Car runs on regular unleaded gas and gets 35 miles per gallon.  It can be stored in a standard 1 car garage. It converts from a car to a plane in about 20 seconds.  Check out the video below and afterwards we can take a look at the possible impact on real estate.

Possible Impact on St. Louis Real Estate

What do you think?  Would the availability of this new type of transportation make areas near local airports more valueable?  We here at Finding Homes for You can help all of you futurists scope out the land before the rest of your neighbors catch on what’s coming in the not too distant future!  In fact, the links below will take you directly to homes for sale within just a couple of miles of two of our local airports:

Homes for Sale Near the Spirit of Saint Louis Airport

Imagine you and your special one driving around in the Chesterfield Valley and instead of fighting the traffic, you decide just to pop into the Spirit of Saint Louis Airport and fly to Kansas City for the afternoon … without ever leaving your car!

Homes for Sale Near the Spirit of Saint Louis Airport

Homes for Sale Near the Creve Coeur Airport

Did you just have a relaxing walk around Creve Coeur Lake?  Why not hop in your car/plane and take off from the Creve Coeur Airport for a flight to Chicago for dinner?

Homes for Sale Near the Creve Coeur Airport

Are you keeping your eyes on the future? Click here to see current St. Louis Real Estate Market Trends.  If you are interested in St. Louis Real Estate for sale and are tired of driving around endlessly looking at homes (not to mention getting in and out of your car in this heat)  click here to check out our Mobile St. Louis Real Estate app which works on most mobile phones.


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