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Are St Louisans Addicted to Their Mobile Phone?

Fellow St. Louisans: What Would You Be Willing to Give Up for Your Mobile Phone?

Here’s some interesting results from a recent survey about smartphones … and a challenge!  The next time you are out with your friends having dinner, try tracking how long you can go without checking your email, Facebook, or Twitter account.  Could you go the entire time without sneaking a peek at your mobile phone?  If not, then you could be addicted to mobile technology.  Don’t worry you are not alone. In fact, iPhone users are especially vulnerable.

  • One in five participants stated they would be more willing to go shoeless rather than phoneless for a week
  • 1/3rd said they would be willing to give up sex for a week than their mobile phone (70% of these respondets were women)
  • 54% said they would be more willing to give up exercise for a week (that would be easy) than to give up their phone

How About the Guilty Pleasures of Life?

  • 70% would be willing to forego alcohol
  • 63% would give up chocolate for a week
  • 55% would give up caffeine for a week rather than give up their phone

Full Disclosure Regarding Our Personal Tech Addictions

Yes, we at Finding Homes for You are fighting our own personal mobile addictions. There are so many cool apps out there regarding real estate.  Here are a couple of our favorites we have kind of grown addicted to:

Finding Homes for You Mobile Search App

Great Schools Finder

Around Me

Point Inside  (this one is especially good for males as it helps you navigate through malls)

Call Finding Homes for You if you would like to talk to one of our mobile technology geeks at 636-532-4200.  We can show you how technology can make your home search easier and … fun!  A special thanks to the folks over at the geeksaresexy web site for the infographic.

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