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Lindenwood Park Homes for Sale

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Lindenwood Park Neighborhood|St. Louis

Lindenwood Park, like most South St. Louis neighborhoods, is well-maintained, composed of well-constructed brick housing stock that exemplifies the quality craftsmanship for which St. Louis is renowned. The neighborhood is primarily composed of architecturally interesting brick and stone housing built from the 1930s to the 1950s. Some new construction is evident but is limited because there is a lack of open, undeveloped land suitable for new new housing construction.

The neighborhood housing inventory is primarily single family with some interspersed multi-family. The stability of the neighborhood is a reflection of the solid construction, attractive housing stock and Lindenwood neighbors who take pride in their property, are committed to its upkeep and are dedicated to keeping the neighborhood strong.

Quick Facts on the Lindenwood Park Neighborhood

Population: 23,845
Average Income: 63,366
Familes with Children: 38%
Owner Occupied Properties: 69% Renter: 28%

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