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Celebrity Rally Squirrel Moves to Ballwin Missouri

St. Louis Cardinals’ Rally Squirrel Relocates to Ballwin Missouri

St Louis Cardinals Rally SquirrelAfter a nation-wide flirtation with fame,the St. Louis Cardinals’ Rally Squirrel has taken up residence in the Ballwin area. According to sources, the instant notoriety was too much for the little critter to handle.

Speculation Abounds Regarding His Exact Whereabouts in Ballwin

It was reported that he was released in Castlewood State Park.  Pam Bolton, Executive Director of the Wildlife Rescue Center in Ballwin, participated in the retrieval of Rally Squirrel during games 3 and 4 of the Cardinals National League Division Series game against the Phillies.

He was one of the sassiest squirrels we’ve seen in a long time” according to Bolton. She went on to say, “He ran right up a hickory tree, which would be perfect for him for the winter with all of the hickory nuts.”

Why the Rally Squirrel Moved to Ballwin

You have to admit this is one plugged in media-savvy critter. What does he know that others don’t? Maybe he’s thinking about settling down and starting a family.  We can only note that Ballwin has been in the news lately winning Money Magazines’ Top Places to Live award and its’ highly rated schools have received state and national attention.

Finding Homes for You wishes all the best for the Rally Squirrel as he settles into the area.  We hope he does have cable-access so he can continue to follow the rest of the games. You gotta hand it to him as he really knows how to market himself. Have you seen the Rally Squirrel Button, Long Sleeve T-Shirt or Happy Flight T-Shirts?  They’re selling like crazy!

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