St Louis Restaurants Offering Free Shuttles to World Series Games

St. Louis-Soulard Restaurants with Free Shuttle Service to Busch Stadium

Rally SquirrelRumor has it Rally Squirrel has been spotted in the Soulard Market area taking advantage of free shuttle services from  popular restaurants. Why hassle with all of the parking and traffic, when you can grab a bite to eat before the game and get free transportation to and from Busch Stadium? (Smart Squirrel)
Be sure to call ahead!

Places to Eat and Drink Then Shuttle to the Game


2028 S 9th St. – St. Louis-314-773-5565

The Great Grizzly Bear

1027 Geyer Ave. – St Louis-314-231-0444

Joanie’s Pizza

2101 Menard St. – St Louis-314-865-1994

Johnny’s Restaurant and Bar

1017 Russell St. – St. Louis -314-865-0900

Llywelyn’s Pub

1732 9th St. – St. Louis-314-436-3255

1860’s Saloon

1860 S 9th- St.Louis-314-231-1860

Soulard Market building

Soulard Neighborhood Information

Did you know the word “Soulard” is the French word for drunkard? There are different highlights in this eclectic part of St. Louis aside from eating, drinking and partying … but this is the World Series folks, so we are focusing more on the partying!  Make sure you go equipped with your Rally Squirrel Button, Rally Squirrel Long sleeve T-Shirt, and the Happy Flight T-Shirt.

Homes for Sale in Soulard

Many of the homes in the neighborhood have unique architecture which date back to the mid-to-late 19th century. Soulard is also home to the largest Mardi Gras celebration in the Midwest.  Click the links below to check out some cool diggs in Soulard and the Benton Park Neighborhood. games!
Soulard Homes for Sale
Benton Park Homes for Sale

Relocating to St. Louis

If you’re from out of the area and curious about the St. Louis Real Estate market check out our Mobile App.  All of the local listings on your mobile device at the push of a button.  Call Finding Homes for You at 636-532-4200 for more information.

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