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4 Great Apps for Shopping in St Louis

Save Time and Money with These 4 Top Shopping Apps

If you’ve seen any of the  “Black Friday” videos of people trampling each other to save a couple of bucks … you know there’s got to be a better way to shop.

As a public service, we’d like to share 4 great apps for shopping in St. Louis. You can navigate the aisles and survive the Holiday season while becoming the power Ninja Shopper you were destined to be!

aisle411 Mobile Shopping App1. Aisle411

The phone rang with the dreaded message, “Honey would you mind dropping by the grocery store on your way home to pick up some mini-marsh-mellows?”  You dig deep to sound positive and willing over the phone, even though deep inside you picture yourself wandering aimlessly up and down the aisles trying to locate your assigned treasure.

However, being the shopping warrior you are, you enter the store and pull out your Ninja Sword smartphone and activate Aisle411.  Aisle 411, developed by a local company, appears on your screen, within seconds locates what store you are in then directs you to the exact location of the mini-marsh mellows. Problem solved!

Video Demonstration of Aisle411

Aisle411 is available in both the Android and i-Phone format

2.  FastMalls – Never Get Lost in a Mall Again

You’ve seen the look before.  Vacant eyes staring out into space, faces reflecting a sense of aimlessness, walking like a zombies  lost somewhere between the vast wastelands of Banana Republic and the Gap.  Toddlers doing their ritualistic dance to the overactive bladder gods while  beleaguered parents desperately search for the nearest bathroom of refuge …all tragically …  lost in a mall!

This could have been easily avoided if they had only downloaded FastMall to their phone!  Besides showing you the location of all of the stores  Fastmall will show your exact location and guide you to the store of your destination. In addition, if you simply shake the phone (not your kid) it will show you the location of the nearest bathroom!  Don’t go to the mall without FastMall !

Available at the app store and android market

Video Demonstration of FastMall

3. ShopSavvy

One of our favorites.  This barcode scanner and QR reader is really fast in finding the right product at the best price. It’s one of the most comprehensive scanners around.  Check out the video below and see how it can save you time and money.

Video Demonstration of ShopSavvy

Available for both Android and i-Phone

4. ShopStyle – The Ultimate Fashionista Shopping Tool

All the stores you love in one place. ShopStyle brings together the most fashionable stores and the best designer brands. Shop the latest styles by categories including, clothing, home decor, and kids. 150 retailers showing you the newest and best in fashion and design.  The best part is you can buy directly from within the app never leaving home and fighting for a parking place.  If you are a shopaholic be warned in advance!

Video Demonstration of ShopStyle

Do you have any shopping apps you’d like to share?  While you’re here why not check out our Home Search App for your phone?  Every St. Louis home for sale is easily accessible from your mobile device. Click here to download


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