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i’m Watch: The Future Arriving this Spring to Your Wrist

i’m Watch Introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show

What is i’m Watch?

One event gadget-lovers and geeks look forward to is the annual Consumer Electronics Show which gives us a peek into the future. The i’m watch turned a lot of heads this year.  It’s a hybrid of a phone, browser, watch and music player all on your wrist!


Video Presentation:

Unlike Sony’s Smartwatch, this operates as an independent unit that can be connected to your smartphone whether it’s Android or Apple’s iOS.  The I’M watch also connects to Bluetooth headsets giving you the freedom to listen to radio or your tunes on the go.

How Much is the i’m Watch?

Prices range from $329 up to $2299  Click here to see individual product choices

Which Operating Systems Connect to the i’m Watch?

According to their web site:

  • Android (HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG, etc.)
  • RIM (Blackberry)
  • IOS (Apple iPhone)
  • Bada (Samsung)
  • Symbian (Nokia)
  • Windows Phone 7

Technology and Fashion

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