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Spring Cleaning Gadgets for St. Louis Home Owners

Time-Saving Spring Cleaning Gadgets to Help Home Owners

From itchy eyes to gobs of grass and weeds Spring Time has arrived in St. Louis. How about some new technology to help you with the chores?

Nest-The Learning Thermostat

Most of us never think about our thermostats. Did you know that your thermostat controls 1/2 of your energy bill. Nest actually programs itself, learns your daily habits, what time you get up, go to bed, and will program itself according to your need for cooling or heating.  You can also control your thermostat remotely via your smartphone or Apple device.  Click Here for More Information


iRobot Looj Gutter Cleaner

One of my clients, a trauma surgeon, told me that the best medical advice he could give was to stay off of ladders as much as possible. iRobot has introduced the Looj robotic gutter cleaner.  It looks like a tank that you insert at one end of your gutter and it moves ahead clearing out the debris for you so you can minimize your time on the ladder … and your risk! 
Click Here for the Video and More Information


Black and Decker Cordless Lithium Battery Trimmer

The 1-hour fast charger means less waiting between tasks.
Two-in-one tool easily converts from trimming to edging along sidewalks and driveways.

Click Here for More Information


Dyson DC 39 Animal Dyson Ball

The only vacuum with a turbine in the head of the device.  Do you have a lot of pollen coming into the house, or the dogs bringing in all kinds of junk?  This device will handle it all!

Click Here for More Information



iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robot

The Scooba 390 Floor Washing Robot has just been introduced. The manufacturer states that it works great on hardwood floors, preps, washes and scrubs and kills 98% of all germs.  It is also great for reaching tight spots around the home  like under sinks.

Click Here for More Information

Springtime in St. Louis

This is the time of the year where buyers and sellers are revving up for the home buying and selling season.  If you would like to know what’s for sale in your neighborhood without having to ask your neighbor or calling a real estate agent yet … Get our mobile search app for your smartphone.  All the listed homes gathered for your viewing based on your current location.  Call Finding Homes for You today if you would like to know more about the pulse of the St. Louis Real Estate market.





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