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St Louis First-Time Buyer Expectations Vs Real Estate Reality

St Louis First-Time Home Buyer Reality Check

Everyone has expectations.  Some are rooted in reality and some are not.  See if your expectations are similar to these survey results.

Trulia recently published the results of their “American Dream Survey”. People about to buy their first home were asked what they would love to have in their first home.  The top of the list was a master bathroom (62%) followed by a walk-in closet (56%) and a gourmet kitchen (50%).

Reality Check

Trulia then surveyed actual first time home buyers to find out how many of these popular features ended up being in the home they purchased.

The infographic below shows what renters want vs. what first-time buyers actually get.

Are You Looking for a Home with a Master Bathroom Under $200,000?  Keep Reading …

At the bottom of the page we’ll give you links where you’ll find homes with master bathrooms at first-time buyer prices!

Where are the homes for sale with a master bathroom in a first-time home buyer’s price range?






Creve Coeur

Maryland Heights


Richmond Heights



Webster Groves

St Charles

St Peters


 Last St. Louis Real Estate Reality Check

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