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Newly Discovered Video Shows the World’s First Mobile Phone

Recently Discovered Video Shows The First Mobile Phone Actually Launched in 1922 with its’ Own iTunes

There’s been so much buzz about the release of the iPhone 5 it’s hard not to notice.  But try to imagine what a shock it was to the public when the first mobile device was introduced …
in 1922!

A British newsreel company called British Pathe recently posted in Mail Online in the UK.,a black and white video featuring “Eve’s Wireless”.

The antenna was so big that it needed to be wired up to an umbrella while it needed to be grounded to a fire hydrant.  Conversations were only one-way like a walkie-talkie. The video shows two women speaking with a telephone exchange, which is downloading music to them over the phone via a gramophone!  (The first iTunes?)

The SmartPhone Today

We’ve come a long way since then. Some people are calling the Smarphone the remote control of our lives. We use them for scheduling, gathering of news, sharing of photos and videos, etc.  Our company, Finding Homes for You, was actually the first real estate company in the St. Louis area with a mobile app to help you search for homes.  Just click the image below and get the free app sent directly to your phone in seconds!

Do you want to know what your neighbor is selling their house for … but you don’t want to ask?  Wondering what’s the price on that home for sale … but don’t want to talk to a real estate agent?  You get the picture.  Get it now!

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