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Does the Name of a Street Affect the Price of a Home in St. Louis?

St. Louis: Does a Street Name Bring Value to a Home?

A couple of weeks ago Trulia published some interesting information on the correlation between the price of a home and the address suffix (i.e.-“avenue, boulevard, court”, etc.) The company found that homes on boulevards are generally the most expensive, with a median price of $117 per square foot. Homes on plain old “street” were found to be the cheapest, at $86 a square foot. That’s a difference of 36%. We all know that real estate is local, so we did some checking on homes sold in St. Louis County over the last year and came up with some interesting statistics:

Average Price Per Square Foot and Sale Price in St. Louis County Based on Street Suffix

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As you can see, homes with the suffix “Way” fetched more per square foot than streets ending in “Boulevard”. Boulevard came in 1st in the Trulia data but did not fare as well in our random sampling.

Do Certain Streets Have a Stigma and Can You Do Anything About It?

If you talk to some real estate agents, they’ll tell you most buyers are not that concerned with the name of the street.  However, what if you lived on Columbine Place, Elm Street (kind of creepy for some people) or Domin Avenue (the head of the Klu Klux Klan)?  These are all actual areas where local residents have petitioned to have the name changed!

Are You Interested in a Particular Street in St. Louis?

Have you ever wondered what homes are for sale on a specific street in St. Louis?  Or what they sold for?  Call Finding Homes for You a call at 636-532-4200 and we can get that data for you.  Heck, if you’re wondering if a home you are interested in was ever a meth lab ,we can hook you up to that information too!  We only work for buyers and are here to help you filter through the data to come up with the best home for your particular need and preference.

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Here’s the InfoGraphic Courtesy of Trulia


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