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Sitegeist:St. Louis Demographics and More on Your Phone

SitegeistSitegeist Delivers St. Louis Demographics to Your Phone

Would you like to know more about the people who live in an area you’re considering moving to?
Whether it’s shared values, income levels, family structure, or age,  we are creatures of uniformity and preferences. A lot of these demographic factors enter in at some level when searching for a place to live.

If you are in the “raising kids” phase, you probably would like to be in an area where there are kids.  If you are in your 20’s … you might not want to live in an area where the average age is 55-60.  I think you get my point. Not judging … just sayin.

How to Find St. Louis Demographic Information and Nationwide Statistics

It’s the weekend and you’re driving around looking at homes.  You’re in a nice neighborhood, there’s some homes for sale and you wonder what’s the makeup of this area?

You reach for your phone, click the Sitegeist icon and bam … you’ve got the data based on your current location … sweet!

What Sitegeist Delivers

People Information: Median Age, Household Incomes, Gender Breakdown of Population, Political Contributions

Housing Information: Median Home Values, Average Rents, Percentages of People Renting, How People Commute to Work

Fun Places:  What’s recommended by Yelp, and who’s checking in where according to Foursquare

Weather: Current Temperature, Recorded Temperatures, Environment Warnings (is there something toxic nearby?)

History:  Median Age of Homes, Number of Housing Units, etc.

A Mobile Research App for St. Louis Home Buyers

Just to clarify: This application not only works for the St. Louis area, but for the entire country.  You can control where your location of interest is by simply moving a red pin around on your screen.  Watch Sitegeist in action below:

Finding Homes for You is a company that only works for Buyers.  We believe in empowering people with good data, analysis, applications, and information to help in the home buying process.  Data is great, but interpretation of data is cooler.  Since we never work for the Seller, we will always represent you from the beginning of the home search, until you close.  You will get the straight story on each home you consider.  We are a alternative to the traditional real estate company.  Call us at 636-532-4200 to chat.

Take Your Search Mobile Now!



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