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Groopic-How to Include the Photographer In A Group Shot

The App that Puts the Missing Photographer Back in the Photo

Groopic Have you ever notice that about the only person ever missing in a group shot is the photographer?  Poor guy, he gets the shot set up, gets his friends or family smiling … and he never appears in any of the photos!

Groopic solves this problem by seamlessly including the photographer into every group photo. You no longer have to ask complete strangers to take you and your friends picture.   Forget about  setting up a tripod or messing with remote control shutter releases, blah, blah, blah. Try Groopic!

Groopic Tutorial-How it Works

Visit Groopic to Learn More and Watch the Video

If You’re the One Taking the Pictures All the Time

Don’t be left out of the scene. I mean your doing most of the work in getting these pictures together …  shouldn’t you be in the shot?
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