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New Research Shows How You Pronounce Words Points to Where You’re From

How You Talk

How to Discover Your Own Personal Dialect Map

For our first blog post of 2014 we decided to do something a little different.  This is not going to be about Real Estate Predictions, lists on how to be better, smarter, thinner, financially successful, etc. We wanted to start out with something that we all do no matter if we are in the market, out of the market, rich or poor, and that is … talk.

How Does the Way You Speak Say About Where You’re From?

Party ChatHow about you?  If you went to a party where you didn’t know anyone, would people be able to guess where you’re from by the way you talk?  (Tip: if you are from St. Louis and want to keep people guessing don’t say “farty” instead of “forty” as you’ll be exposed immediately)

Over 350,000 people responded to Harvard’s Dialect Survey  and the quiz and results was put together by Josh Katz, who is a graphic editor for the New York Times.

The quiz will ask you a series of questions like. “Do you call it a soda or pop?”
“What would you call a sale of unwanted items on your porch, in your yard, a tag sale, yard sale, garage sale?” Based on your answer, the program will then identify which parts of the country responded in like manner.  At the end of the quick test, it will show you (via maps) which parts of the country match your particular pronunciation or dialect.  It’s really fun, interesting, and a great conversation starter.

Click Here to Take the Quiz

Understanding the Language of Real Estate and Separating Words from Reality

As the St. Louis Real Estate Market begins to take shape for 2014 we thought we might poke a little fun at the language you will be seeing in the near future as homes start to come on the market.

What It SaysPotential Reality
ComfortableVery Small
CozyVery, Very Small
Low MaintenanceNo Lawn
Walk to StoresNowhere to Park Your Car
Bright and SunnyVenetian Blinds Not Included
Modern30-40 Years Old
ContemporaryAt Least 15 Years Old
Sprawling RanchInefficient Floor Plan
Natural SettingForget Planting, The Deer Eat Everything
Secluded SettingFar Away
Executive NeighborhoodHigh Taxes
Park Like SettingA Tree on the Block
Unaffected CharmNeeds Painting
Starter HomeRun Down
Hurry Won't LastAbout to Collapse

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