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RoomScan-App That Draws a Floor Plan By Touching Walls

RoomScanRoomScan Draws and Creates a Floor Plan by Itself in Minutes

Just by simply touching a wall RoomScan can create a floor plan automatically.

If you have ever needed to draw up a floor plan or just record a room’s dimensions you may find this app very helpful.  Locometric, the creator of the application said on its’ Facebook page recently that they had over 2,000 people start using the program in one day.

Is the Era of Floor Plan Drawing Over?  RoomScan Presents a Unique New Solution

Here are a couple of feature points listed on their website:

  • No Sketching – RoomScan does the drawing so you don’t have to.
  • No Dragging – Add doors to the plan simply by touching the door frame.
  • Instant – Your floor plan is ready to email and share with others
  • Cost Effective – You can get RoomScan now for free or purchase the Pro version for $4.99

How RoomScan Works

If your smartphone has motion sensor capabilities (please note this is compatible with Apple devices that are running ios7 or higher) you are good to go.  The motion sensors in your phone sends data to RoomScan every time you place the phone on a wall. This data, which records the position, orientation and distance of each wall is used to calculate and create a pretty accurate floor plan. The app is not perfect, but it does allow you to enter your own figures into the floor plan afterwards.

Video Demonstration Scanning a Single Room


Please note that you can only add doors in RoomScan Pro.
Don’t touch doors or doorways when using the free version of RoomScan

Using RoomScan Pro in Open Floor Plan Home


You can pick up the free version of RoomScan on iTunes.  The Pro version is $4.99 The Pro version  lets you scan multiple rooms and then stitch them together to create on complete floor plan.

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