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Why Homes for Sale in the Lindbergh School District are Popular

Three Dynamics Behind the Growing Popularity of St Louis Homes for Sale in the Lindbergh School District

There are several factors at play in the Lindbergh School District that are making it more attractive to home buyers looking at homes for sale in St. Louis.
The St. Louis Post Dispatch ran an interesting article this week talking about the school enrollment boom that’s happening in the Lindbergh School District. To allow growth in the schools, the district is asking their voters for a 21-cent tax increase for each $100 of assessed valuation, to build a new elementary school and pay for improvements at the high school.

Why is the Lindbergh School District becoming so popular?

Lindbergh Schools Logo

1. Academic Achievement in Lindbergh Schools a Driving Force

What family wouldn’t want their children being taught in one of the highest ranking school districts in Missouri?  If you take a peek at the school’s website you’ll see an impressive record for academic achievement.  For four years in a row, Lindbergh School District was ranked No.1 in academic achievement among all K-12 districts in Missouri according to the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, in their report released August 22, 2013.

2. Demographic Shifts in the Lindbergh School District Point to More Housing Opportunities

The demographics in the Lindbergh School District are projected to change in the future.  The district has one of the highest percentage of senior citizens (age 65+) in all of the St. Louis area.   Many of these seasoned citizens will be downsizing and/or moving into retirement homes in the future opening up new homes for sale.

Anyone in the real estate market can tell you that for decades the school districts that had enough growth to justify new schools were usually on the edges of St. Louis and St. Charles counties. The Lindbergh School District is changing that previously established fact. The district is projected to grow by 460 students in the next five years. This number does not even take into account the new real estate developments across from Grant’s Farm which could add another 120 students to the mix.

3. Home Values and Affordability of Housing

There are 449 school districts in the state of Missouri.  The Lindbergh School District ranked 9th in the state in terms of Home Median Values with a median home value of $200,000.
In addition, home owners are consistently seeing the value of their homes when they put their homes up for sale. This is evident in the statistics when we look at an important ratio we call “Sales Price to List Price.” Simply put, this number shows what percentage of the sellers asking price they actually get when they sell.  A high sales price to list price is reflective of an area of value.
Let’s take a look at the chart below to show a comparison between the Lindbergh School District two other highly ranked school districts.
Update (The data in this chart is from 2-28-2019-2-28-2020)

School DistrictSale Price to List Price %Average Sale Price

When you look at the numbers it is quick to see why this school district is growing in popularity. How many buyers can afford homes in either the Clayton or Ladue school districts?
This combination of stellar academic performance and affordability should make the Lindbergh School District a growing prospect both now and in the long-term.   All right, you say, I’m convinced … now how do I find a home for sale?  We’ve taken care of that for you. Check the links below for the current listings.  In fact, you may want to save this post as a favorite and come back to it as the links below are live and constantly changing.

Updated Chart-Lindbergh School District Median Prices 3 Year Period

Lindbergh School District Map
Homes for Sale in the Lindbergh School District

Lindbergh School District Homes for Sale 100-200K

Lindbergh School District Homes for Sale 200-300K

Lindbergh School District Homes for Sale 300-400K

Lindbergh School District Homes for Sale 400K+

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