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How to Find Your iPhone by Playing Marco Polo

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How to Find Your iPhone by Yelling Marco Polo

Don’t you hate it when you misplace your iPhone? It’s both frustrating and embarrassing.
So when I heard today that it’s now possible to find your phone just by yelling at it, (which I’m good at already) I took the plunge and downloaded the .99 cent app.  In fact we tried it out immediately and here’s what happened:

How It Works

Once you download the app it will run in the background and  respond to you when you say “Marco!” When your iPhone hears that word it will respond with “Polo!” and your problem is solved!  The app will also light up your screen so it will be visible in a dark room. Additionally, it has a Volume Boost to make sure you can hear it respond even if you leave your phone’s volume on low. The device even works when your phone is in sleep or silent mode.

What If You Get Tired of Yelling Marco?

Want to keep things fresh and tired of yelling out Marco? You can choose from 30 different voice recordings that will trigger a response.  You can even make up a different phrase to use to get your phone to react.  As for me … I’m sticking with “Marco!” at least till summer is over!






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