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How to Childproof Your St. Louis Home

 A Visual Guide to Child Proofing Your St. Louis Home

Is your home safe for little kids?  Do you know where the danger areas are in your house? How do you make it safe, or safer?  Where and how do you start?

This simple infographic courtesy of the folks over at will take you room by room identifying common risk areas and discovering how to make things safer.
Note that the tips are cross referenced according to the age of the child and each particular room.  Perils in the kitchen, for instance, will change as the child passes from infant, to toddler, to pre-school, helping you look forwards as your child or visitor grows older.

How to Use this Room-by-Room Childproof Home Guide

Will someone be watching your kids soon?  Will they be visiting relatives that are not used to having little crumb-crunchers around?  Send grandma and grandpa, your uncle, and whoever is kind enough to watch your little treasures this post as a gentle request and reminder that you’d like to pick the kids up in one piece when you get back.  By the way, if you’re interested in safety, please check our link at the bottom of this post to find out about the safest places to live in St. Louis.

Guide to Child Proofing Your HomeSafest Places to Live in St. Louis

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