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Parkway School District Launches Spark Incubator Business Program at Chesterfield Mall


Spark Group Photo of Students

Future Entrepreneurs at the Spark Incubator-Chesterfield Mall

Parkway School District Launches Spark Incubator at Chesterfield Mall

Finding an “Incubator” at a mall?  Incubators are usually associated with an apparatus used to hatch eggs or grow microorganisms under a controlled environment. This is a different kind of incubator however and it’s all about starting a business and developing an entrepreneurial mindset created by the Parkway School District.

My wife and I were casually walking early in the morning through the Chesterfield Mall when we thought we discovered a new store. We walked in and were greeted by a buzzing group of young high school students who were very excited about what they were doing and learning. Little did we know that we just stumbled into the Spark! Incubator Program, the first of its kind in the greater St. Louis area.

What is the Spark! Incubator?

Spark! is a place where junior and senior high school students  work to develop an entrepreneurial mindset as they generate creative solutions to real-world problems.
To accomplish this, the Parkway School District is actively engaging and working collaboratively with business partners, community service and educational leaders to design and develop learning experiences based on the interests of students and business owners.  The students called it, “Learning in the real world”. Check out the video we recorded:

Spark! Creates Curiosity & Creativity to Explore Real-World Challenges

The program is designed for students to work as a team to create a unique business idea and to launch, develop and grow that idea into a working business venture. Business teachers and educators from Maryville University and local professionals will educate, guide, coach and mentor students in business development including marketing, recruiting, legal areas and other business-building professional services.

Don’t you wish every mall in St. Louis had an Incubator like this?  Don’t you wish every school district could offer this program?
When we left the Chesterfield Mall this morning we felt encouraged about the future.

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