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What is and How Will It Compete with Amazon?

What is
What Is and How It Plans to Compete with Amazon

Jet is a members-only shopping club that gets you the best price on more than 10 million products, every time you shop. If you have not heard about them yet, you will soon.
Although the company has almost zero revenue, it has a strategy that includes under pricing on millions of items. also has one of the highest valuation (possibly $600 Million-$3 Billion)ever  in the e-commerce startups before their official launch on July 21st.

FAQ’s about

Membership Fee – $49.99 per year.  If you act quickly you can get a free 6 month membership before they launch.

The Lowest Prices on Everything: The company states from lawn chairs to laundry detergent you should save an average of $150/year.

Free Shipping Over $35 and Free Returns

Savings When You Shop Other Retailer Shops  From to   (pretty gutsy)

Their Word and a Firm Handshake  “We’re so sure you’ll save more than our $49.99 membership fee that we’ll refund you the difference between our fee and what you saved if you don’t.”

jetHow Do You Actually Save Money?

Here’s what they say:

  1. Profit-free Pricing  It’s not an oxymoron. We only make money on membership fees, not the products we sell. That means we’re free to get you the lowest price possible.
  2. Scary-Smart Technology  We don’t really know how our developers did it, but they came up with this really, really clever pricing engine that finds you the lowest price on any item and calculates your savings in real-time.
  3. Bonus Savings Alerts  We love the thrill of a good deal, so we’ll alert you to thrifty ways to save even more as you build your order. Like buying items that ship from the same location, waiving returns and using a low-fee payment method.

How It Works

The Audaciousness of the Competitor

Part of the appeal to is just the plain old audacity to take on something as big as  You have to admire the bravery and chutzpah. Will they succeed?  Time will tell.  But in the meantime it is another case of more competition helping out you and me the consumer.  Finding Homes for You made a bold and different decision over a decade ago.  We decided to forge a new course in the real estate world by only working with buyers.  We became what’s called Exclusive Buyer Agents.  An Exclusive Buyer Agent works for a brokerage that does not take listings. This takes away any conflict of interest in the real estate transaction since an Exclusive Buyer Agent does not and will not work with the Seller.  100% Buyer Representation.  So good luck to the David vs Goliath startup, we wish you the best!

Interview with Scott Hilton Chief Revenue Officer of

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