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2015 Fall Home Buyers Guide-Things to Consider When Buying a Home

Fall Home Buyers Guide:Things to Consider When Buying a Home

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The new 2015 edition of the Fall Home Buyers Guide presents a well-rounded view of buying a home in the Fall.  Topics include: The Difference Between Cost and Price, Home Prices Last Year, Where Prices Are Headed Over the Next 5 Years, Home Ownership’s Impact on Net Worth, Why So Much Paperwork to Get a Mortgage … and much more.

Enjoy flipping through the pages!
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Update:2016 Winter Edition is Now Appearing Below

Home Buying Tips and Resources

If you’re looking for straight talk about the home buying process check out the related articles below.  Finding Homes for You can help you navigate through the home buying process.  We never work for the Seller so you can relax that you’re working with dedicated agents that only work for you 100% of the time with no conflict of interests. Call 636-532-4200 today!


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