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Where Are the Most Affordable Homes in the Parkway School District?

How to Find Affordable Homes in the Parkway School District

Parkway School District is a highly ranked school system in the St. Louis area. How do you find affordable homes in the Parkway School district? You have to know the area to search in as the prices vary significantly.

The school district is divided up into four different areas. Parkway West, Central, North and South. Same school district, but the price of a home can really fluctuate depending on which section of the district  you choose to live in.  In the example below, we look at the cost of a 4 bedroom house in each area. The chart demonstrates one year worth of sold data showing the number of homes sold, average sold price, square footage, time on the market, and the percentage of the list price that sellers have been getting for their home. Tip: Click on the Image Below to Enlarge It

Price Differences Within the School District

Did you have a little “Sticker Shock” when you saw these numbers?

The difference in price between a 4 bedroom home located in the Parkway West area compared to a 4 bedroom home in the Parkway South area is a whopping $102,995 ($455,630 vs $352,635). In terms of square footage; the more expensive homes only had an additional 329 square feet. There are obviously many more factors while comparing prices of homes including; age of the home, location, neighborhood, surrounding amenities, style of homes, and individual school rankings which can be researched.

The Longer Term Value of Homes in the Parkway School District

Did you know that when you move that you’re not just moving yourself and your things?  You are actually moving your equity and/or savings from one area to another. Someone once shared with me that neighborhoods and school districts are like mutual funds … some outperform others!
In our opinion, the Parkway School District is a good place to put your equity. Why?

Note that the percentage of the list price compared to the actual sold price is 98% or more across the board.
In other words, the sellers are getting 98% or more of what they ask for.
In fact, sellers in the entire Parkway School District have been getting 95% or more for their homes consistently over the last 5 years.

Helpful Boundary Maps of the Parkway School District and Homes Currently for Sale

Parkway Central Homes for Sale

Parkway North Homes for Sale

Parkway South Homes for Sale

Parkway West Homes for Sale

parkway school district boundaries map

The Next Step if You Want to See a Home for Sale in the Parkway School District

At some point in the home buying process you will call an agent to go and see a home. Make sure that the agent (and their company)  is representing you only.
To reduce your risk and the potential conflict of interests that often arrive in real estate you want to call an Exclusive Buyer Agent. An Exclusive Buyer Agent never works for the Seller and only works for the Buyer (that’s us the people behind this data). Click here for a brief video about this concept and how we protect buyers

Call Finding Homes for You at 636-532-4200 if you would like to learn more.

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