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PhoneClean:Is Your iPhone Ready for Christmas?

PhoneClean Removes Junk Files from Your iPhone and iPad

Will your iPhone be ready for the Holidays?

Here’s a scenario: You’re at a family gathering, when your uncle, who has been hitting the sauce, has decided he wants to demonstrate his ability to dance Gangnam Style.  This is truly going to be memorable, so you pull out your iPhone to get it on video and … you’re almost out of disk space!  In fact, you can’t even download any new tunes from your free iTunes card someone just gave you!  Things are not looking too promising … what can you do?

The Problem with Your iPhone or iPad

Downloading apps, listening to music, watching videos, reading e-books, are cool but did you know they leave behind a lot of residual junk files and temporary files that eat up your disk space?  Just like cholesterol clogs up your arteries, junk files clog up your IOS device, drains your memory, slowing down your device while using up your precious disk space. (Do you  iPhone16 GB users feel my pain?)

How to Free Up Disk Space on Your iPhone or iPad

PhoneClean is a free program (not an app) that you can download to your PC which then connects to your device. By detecting, analyzing, and deleting cumbersome temp files, PhoneClean will generally reclaim up to 40% of free space for users.  The first time that I tried it I was shocked to find over 8 GB of junk files! Used on a regular basis a regular cleanup will keep your iPhone or iPad running smoothly.  Check out the video below:

You can download PhoneClean here

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