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2022 Housing Market Forecast Infographic

2022 Housing Market Forecast [INFOGRAPHIC] Some Highlights What does the coming year hold for the housing market? Here’s what experts project for 2022. Mortgage rates are projected to rise and so are home prices. Experts are forecasting buyer demand will remain strong as people try to capitalize on rates and prices before they climb, creating another strong year for home sales. Let’s […]

Will the Housing Market Slow Down This Winter?

snow covered wooden house near trees

Buyers Are Making Moves Right Now From the opportunity to take advantage of today’s low mortgage rates to changing homeowner needs, Americans have more motivation than ever to buy a home. According to the experts, buyers are making moves right now, creating an unseasonably strong housing market for this time of year. As we wrap up the fall season and […]

From Boomers to Zoomers: Home-Buying Tips for Every Generation

Key Takeaways: Buyers throughout all walks of life are wondering how to navigate today’s competitive housing market. Whether you’re a Gen Z first-time buyer or a Baby Boomer looking to downsize, you should consider making a move to lock in your real estate goals. Have questions about buying or selling? Contact us for personalized advice!   […]

What You Need to Know about iBuyers-The Buzz and the Buzzkill

Key Takeaways: Some sellers have turned to iBuyers for instant cash offers on their properties, but they have consequently sacrificed the personalization of their home sale. iBuyers use outdated algorithms to value properties, whereas real estate agents use to-the-minute statistics to generate accurate, competitive prices. Work with our team of local agents to expertly price […]

What Buyers and Sellers Need to Know About the Appraisal Gap

What Buyers and Sellers Need To Know About the Appraisal Gap It’s economy 101 – when supply is low and demand is high, prices naturally rise. That’s what’s happening in today’s housing market. Home prices are appreciating at near-historic rates, and that’s creating some challenges when it comes to home appraisals. In recent months, it’s become increasingly common […]

What is an Appraisal Gap and How it Can Impact a Home Purchase

What to Expect as Appraisal Gaps Grow In today’s real estate market, low inventory and high demand are driving up home prices. As many as 54% of homes are getting offers over the listing price, based on the latest Realtors Confidence Index from the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Shawn Telford, Chief Appraiser at CoreLogic, elaborates: “The frequency of buyers being willing to pay more […]

How Misunderstandings about Home Affordability Could Cost You

There’s a lot of discussion about home affordability as home prices continue to appreciate rapidly. Even though the most recent index on affordability from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) shows homes are more affordable today than the historical average, some still have concerns about whether or not it’s truly affordable to buy a home right now. When […]

What Price Ranges Are Most Affected by the Inventory Shortage?

Price Ranges Feeling the Inventory Shortage You’ve heard the expression, “A picture is worth a 1000 words”. How true! The graphic above was shared recently at the National Association of Realtor’s Residential Economic Issues and Trends Forum at the trade group’s midyear conference, the Realtors Legislative Meetings, which has attracted some 15,000 attendees. The homes in […]

Listing Prices – How They’re Like an Auction’s Reserve Price

Why You Should Think About Listing Prices Like an Auction’s Reserve Price For generations, the homebuying process never really changed. The seller would try to estimate the market value of the home and tack on a little extra to give themselves some negotiating room. That figure would become the listing price of the house. Buyers would then […]

6 Reasons Why the Real Estate Market is Not Like It Was Before the Crash of 2008

Last March, many involved in the residential housing industry feared the market would be crushed under the pressure of a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. Instead, real estate had one of its best years ever. Home sales and prices were both up substantially over the year before. 2020 was so strong that many now fear the market’s exuberance […]

How is the St. Louis Real Estate Market Doing This Year Compared to 2020?

Even though it’s early in the year to compare to last year at this time there are some definite trends. The information in the chart above covers residential real estate activity in St. Louis City and County combined and is provided by Mid-America Regional Information Systems. Highlights For the full report head over to Market […]

Is Buyer Competition Holding You Back from Purchasing a Home?

This year’s record-low mortgage rates sparked high demand among homebuyers. Current homeowners, however, haven’t put their houses on the market so quickly. This makes finding a home to buy today challenging for many potential buyers. With an obstacle like this, those searching for their dream homes may be pressing pause on their searches as we […]

Why Today’s Options Will Save Homeowners from Foreclosure

Many housing experts originally voiced concern that the mortgage forbearance program (which allows families impacted financially by COVID to delay mortgage payments to a later date) could lead to an increase in foreclosures when forbearances end. Some originally forecasted that up to 30% of homeowners would choose to enter forbearance. Less than 10% actually did, and […]

Why Are Homes Considered More Affordable Today When Prices Keep Going Up?

If you have been reading about the real estate market recently you can’t help but pick up on conflicting messages. “Wow homes are more affordable now than ever before!” mixed with … “Low inventory and bidding wars are driving home prices higher!” The two statements don’t seem to be compatible with each other. So which […]

Latest Unemployment Report: Slow and Steady Improvement

Last Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released its latest Employment Situation Summary. Going into the release, the expert consensus was for 1.58 million jobs to be added in July, and for the unemployment rate to fall to 10.5%. When the official report came out, it revealed that 1.8 million jobs were added, and the unemployment rate fell to 10.2% (from 11.1% […]

What Are the Experts Saying About Home Prices?

A worldwide pandemic and an economic recession have had a tremendous effect on the nation. The uncertainty brought about by both has made predicting consumer behavior nearly impossible. For that reason, forecasting home prices has become extremely difficult. Normally, there’s a simple formula to determine the future price of any item: calculate the supply of […]

Mortgage Applications Point to a Remarkable Recovery in Homebuying

CNBC Article Highlights Encouraging and Surprising Statistics about Buyer Demand Diana Olick, with, published an article this morning which probably surprised a lot of people … in a good way. The widely respected real estate reporter stated: If mortgage demand is an indicator, buyers are coming back to the housing market far faster than […]

5 Reasons Why We’re NOT Heading Towards Another Housing Crash

With all of the volatility in the stock market and uncertainty about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), some are concerned we may be headed for another housing crash like the one we experienced from 2006-2008. The feeling is understandable. Ali Wolf, Director of Economic Research at the real estate consulting firm Meyers Research, addressed this point in a recent interview: “With […]

What To Know Before Applying for a Mortgage

Everybody loves talking about mortgages. They’re fun, easy to understand, and a great icebreaker, right?….Wrong. Thanks to their lengthy process, technical jargon, and confusing options, mortgages have a bit of an intimidating reputation—but it doesn’t have to be that way! If you’re in the process of buying a new home and dreading the mortgage application […]

3 Local Schools in Parkway and Rockwood Recognized as National Schools of Character

Hanna Woods Elementary and Mckelvey Elementary located in the Parkway School district were listed as recipient of the National Schools of Character award by Lafayette High School and Blevins Elementary were also named as 2019 National Schools of Character. This is the second time Blevins Elementary has won this prestigious recognition. What is […]

2019 Chesterfield Amphitheater Concert Series Schedule

Chesterfield Amphitheater 2019 Summer Concert Series Schedule of Events The 2019 Chesterfield Amphitheater Concert Series Schedule has just been announced. Hosted in the beautiful Central Park, the Chesterfield Amphitheater is nestled right behind Chesterfield Mall with plenty of parking available to the public. Fixed seating and lawn seating is open to the public FREE of […]

St. Louis Neighborhood InfoGraphics-Looking Beyond the Home and Into the Neighborhood

  St. Louis Neighborhood InfoGraphics Location, location, location is one word that most people associate with the word real estate. Not to dethrone an accepted iconic phrase necessarily, but Convenience, Convenience, Convenience seems to be closing in at second place. There’s so much more to selecting a home than just the floor plan and curb […]

Why You Should Buy a Home During the Off Season

Your personal home-buying schedule doesn’t have to correspond with the real estate market! In fact, buying during the “off season” can yield tremendous advantages. The “off season” differs depending on your specific location, but always refers to the period of time during a calendar year when both inventory and competition are low. Usually, this corresponds […]

St. Louis Housing Report End of Summer Report:Median Sales Price Rise Alongside Growth in New Listings

St. Louis Housing Report August 2018- Rise in Median Sales Price with an Increase in New Listings “Although 2018 housing trends show we are in a sellers’ market, the rise in overall new listings compared to 2017 offers renewed optimism for buyers searching for their dream home,” said  St. Louis REALTORS® President Marc Levinson. The Press Release Stated: […]

St. Louis Housing Report June 2018-Tight Inventory as Interest Rates Increase

St. Louis Housing Report June 2018-Tight Inventory as Interest Rates Increase The St. Louis Housing Report June 2018 Report shows tight inventory as interest rates have increased says the St. Louis Realtors in their monthly report covering and comparing June 2018 statistics with June 2017 stats. “As little as two years ago, mortgage interest rates […]

2018 Chesterfield Amphitheater Concert Series Schedule

  Chesterfield Amphitheater 2018 Summer Concert Series Schedule of Events The 2018 Chesterfield Amphitheater Concert Series Schedule has just been announced. Hosted in the beautiful Central Park, the Chesterfield Amphitheater is nestled right behind Chesterfield Mall with plenty of parking available to the public. Fixed seating and lawn seating is open to the public FREE […]

Voice Activated Mortgage Calculator-Why Type When You Can Talk?

Voice Activated Mortgage Calculator A voice activated mortgage calculator is one of the new digital personal assistants available to home and mortgage shoppers everywhere. Why fumble around typing numbers into your small keyboard … when you can just ask your phone the question and get an answer within seconds? Hound, a popular mobile voice activated […]

Relationship Status of First Time Homebuyers

What is the Relationship Status of First Time Homebuyers? Have you ever wondered about the relationship status of first time homebuyers?  Probably not, but since it’s Valentine’s Day today why not check into the relationship status of who’s buying homes? According to the National Association of REALTORS most recent Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers, married couples once again […]

The Truth Behind the Rent vs Buy Debate

In a blog post published last Friday, CNBC’s Diana Olnick reported on the latest results of the FAU Buy vs. Rent Index. The index examines the entire US housing market and then isolates 23 major markets for comparison. The researchers at FAU use a “‘horse race’ comparison between an individual that is buying a home […]

2017 Chesterfield Amphitheater Concert Series Schedule

Click Here for 2018 Schedule Chesterfield Amphitheater 2017 Summer Concert Series Schedule of Events The 2017 Chesterfield Amphitheater Concert Series Schedule has just been announced. Hosted in the beautiful Central Park, the Chesterfield Amphitheater is nestled right behind Chesterfield Mall with plenty of parking available to the public. Fixed seating and lawn seating is open […]

The Top Real Estate Resolutions (And How to Keep Them)

Want to visit the gym more? Finally complete the home improvement project you’ve been working on? Save money for that new watch/car/house/vacation? January 1 is the perfect time to jumpstart your goals. If you’re like most people, according to Money Magazine, you probably have “stay fit,” “spend less,” or “enjoy the most out of life” […]

Biggest First-Time Homebuyer Mistakes-According to Real Estate Agents

Real Estate agents respond to poll asking What Are the Biggest First-Time Homebuyer Mistakes Inman News, a provider of real estate information, recently conducted a poll asking agents “What Are the Biggest First-Time Homebuyer Mistakes” they have seen in their careers. Close to 600 agents responded. Here in order are some of the top results, […] Study-St Louis Fourth-Most Affordable City for Homeownership

Nation’s Largest Publisher of Mortgage and Consumer Loan Information Ranks St Louis as Fourth Most Affordable City for Homeownership St. Louis came in fourth just behind Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Cincinnati as the most affordable city for homeownership in the nation. When a buyer is considering purchasing a home and/or relocating ,the most common question is, […]

Despite Record-Low Inventory St Louis Home Sales Soar

Second Quarter St Louis Home Sales Surpass Economic Predictions Approximately around the middle of each month the Housing Report for St Louis City and County is published by the St. Louis Association of REALTORS®. This report analyzes MLS  St Louis Home sales data from the previous month and Year-Over-Year comparisons. The infographic below covers some […]

Chesterfield Amphitheater 2016 Summer Concert Series Schedule

UPDATE: Click Here for 2017 Schedule Chesterfield Amphitheater 2016 Summer Concert Series Schedule of Events The 2016 Chesterfield Amphitheater Concert Series Schedule has just been announced. Hosted in the beautiful Central Park, the Chesterfield Amphitheater is nestled right behind Chesterfield Mall with plenty of parking available to the public. Fixed seating and lawn seating is […]

Spring Home Buying Trends Survey-How the Nation Responds

What Does the Spring Home Buying Trends Survey Show? The 2016 Spring Home Buying Trends Survey takes the pulse and reports Buyer preferences and sentiments about the Real Estate market.  Whether you’re thinking about buying or selling, here’s what’s trending in the current national mindset. The National Association of Realtors in January through early March […]

Rockwood School District Wins AAA Rating from Standard and Poor’s

Rockwood School District Wins AAA Rating Award for 9th Consecutive Year from Standard and Poor’s Once again the Rockwood School District wins AAA Rating as awarded by Standard & Poor’s. This award is reserved for organizations with the utmost financial strength and discipline in meeting all obligations. According to Standard & Poor’s, a district rated […]

Developer Introduces The Place:Luxury Garage Project in Chesterfield MO

The Place-Luxury Garage Project Starts in Chesterfield Call it the ultimate man cave, or a condo-for cars development, or call it “The Place” the luxury garage project. With a planned opening in the spring of 2016.According to the Post Dispatch, “The Place” will feature 35 tricked-out-to-the-max garages for exotic cars, boats, RVs, or any other […]

What Men Would Like In Their Next Home

What Men Would Really Like to Have for Christmas Open floor plan, spacious kitchen, hardwood floors, main floor laundry are always a requested feature from women looking for a home.  Men, however have different needs. More often than not, husbands are willing to fall on their swords for the good of the family … while subduing some of their deepest desires. Guys, […]

The Home Buying Process in Plain English with Elizabeth Banks

Wouldn’t  it be great to hear about the home buying process in plain English? No spin, easy-to-understand, straight talk sprinkled with sarcasm and comedy to keep it fun?  Here it is!  The National Association of Realtors, and their website, put together a 5 episode series starring Elizabeth Banks. Elizabeth, who has appeared in the […]

St Louis Real Estate:3 Ways to Know if You’re In a Buyers or Sellers Market

3 Things that Indicate Whether You’re In a Buyers or Sellers Market Are we in a Buyer’s or Seller’s market? It’s been several rough years in the St. Louis real estate market.  We’ve seen home prices drop throughout the area and it is understandable if potential home buyers have been a little uneasy about making a home […]