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Supply of Homes in St. Louis

Supply of Homes in St Louis

Updated 6-04-19 Explore the supply of homes in St. Louis with this interactive map. Wave your mouse over the map to see how many months of inventory are available at the end of May 2019.
Learn more about what makes up a Sellers Market or a Buyers Market and how it impacts the price of homes:

Months Supply of Homes and Impact on Home Prices


Pricing of any item is determined by supply and demand: how many items are available in relationship to how many want to buy that item. (Remember Cabbage Patch Dolls or Beanie Babies?)  The chart above provides a guideline showing who is favored during times of low, even, or high amounts of home inventory.

1-5 month supply of homes – favors sellers with prices or appreciation rising.
5-6 month supply – a balanced market place where prices have stabilized.
6+ month supply – favors the buyers and represents depreciation of home prices.

Knowing these numbers can be helpful to you as a buyer to know which way the wind is blowing as you enter the market.
Finding Homes for You can help you navigate through the real estate market to find the home, see the trends, establish the value, negotiate terms, and save you time and money.
Call us at 636-532-4200 and learn how we can help prepare you to win in the upcoming competitive real estate market.

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