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When Do The Most Homes Come on the Market in St. Louis?

Click Here for Updated Statistics – 3/21/2022

when most homes come on the market in st louis

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When do the most homes come on the market in St. Louis? This is a question we get all of the time. In 2019 the peak months for new listings were April, May, and June. Is this good, bad or neither? Will history repeat itself in 2020?

Do Monthly Home Prices Follow a Pattern Like New Listings Do?

It sure looks like it. The months that experienced the highest median sold price for homes was May ($220,000), June ($235,000), and July ($221,548). These numbers fall right behind the months when the most homes came on the market.
The Good – There’s more inventory of homes to look at.
The Bad – It costs more and there’s more competition.

When St. Charles County Homes Came on the Market in 2019

St Charles County New Listings Month by Month 2019

St. Charles peak months for new listings coming on the market were April, May and June.

Median Sale Prices peaked in the months of April ($234,500), May ($242,500), June ($249,900) and again in August ($250,000)

Do you have a flight plan for your home search?  Most of us when we travel never think about what’s going on behind the scenes. The pilot has to submit a flight plan and know what kind of weather and turbulence his plane will be facing before leaving the runway. Lots of planning and thought are calculated in helping you safely get from point A to point B, your final destination.

Shouldn’t you do the same in your search for a home? Get a flight plan before taking off.  Knowing the weather/market you’ll be heading into in advance, will help you manage your expectations. This is probably the most expensive and important purchase you will ever make and you want to get it right.

Check out a couple of navigational tools in the articles below and call Finding Homes for You 636-532-4200. We can help with you with your personal flight plan and give you a forecast of what to expect.

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