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St. Louis is One of the 30 Largest Housing Markets-How We Compare

Exploring the St. Louis Housing Market: Growth and Stability

(Chart source is the Zillow Home Value Index (ZHVI) on Twitter by Lance Lambert @NewsLambert)
Don’t let your eyes glaze over the chart above. We are going to keep it simple:

  • St.Louis is one of only 4 housing markets with zero minuses (-) in any column across the columns. (Doubters please pause and check it out).
  • Month over Month-Home values up 0.58% (this should attract shy buyers)
  • Year to Date – Up 1.84%
  • Down from Peak (March 2020) –0.00% (Sorry Austin, Las Vegas, Seattle, Phoenix, San Francisco)
  • Year over Year – Home values are up 4.34%
  • Change in Values since March 2023 – Home values shot up 32.45%.

To check out the current trends in St. Louis, St. Charles, and beyond visit our Market Trends Page

Bottom Line

St. Louis is definitely holding its own as one of the 30 largest housing markets. Compared to other cities, we may not be the trendiest or most glamorous, but we offer affordability, great schools, and a strong job market. Plus, who needs all that flash when you can have a city with a rich history, amazing food, and passionate sports fans? In my opinion, St. Louis is a hidden gem in the housing market that more people should consider.