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St. Louis Remodeling Costs and Resale Values

Remodeling Cost Vs Value Report for St. Louis

Spring is in the air, you can hear the lawn mowers revving up and people thinking about remodeling. So what’s your situation? Considering adding on a deck or tackling a bathroom addition? What project will give you the biggest return on your investment when you go to sell your home? Check out the data that just came out covering the St. Louis area … you might be surprised!

Even if you are not personally thinking about remodeling, this is useful data if you are considering buying a home that needs some work .  What is the average cost for remodeling a basement or a bathroom addition, and what could you expect in resale value in the future?

Full Report Covering Projects Job Costs Resale Value All Here

Before you improve your own home, or if you’re considering purchasing St. Louis Real Estate, call Finding Homes for You at 636-386-0659 for a comparative marketing analysis.  Find out if the values in your current or future neighborhood would support your improvement or investment.

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