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How to Schedule a Text Message on the i-Phone

txtot appTxtot: SMS Reminder for iPhone Schedules Your Text Messages

Have you ever told someone you would text them … and then completely forget to?

How about forgetting to send that Birthday text to your friend, or forgetting to get back to a client that is waiting to hear from you? Or your spouse asked you to text them when the game and/or meeting was over?  Need I continue? (My list is longer than this)

How to Write Your Text Message Now and Have it Delivered at a Specified Time In the Future

Txtot lets you write your text messages in advance and then sends it at the time you specify.  When it’s time for the message to go out you get an alert on your iPhone, and you decide then if you still want that message to go out or not.  It will not send out your text without your permission.

We schedule meetings and todos, why not text messages?

An  Example of How You Can Use Txtot

Let’s say you have an important client who wants to discuss something with you. You inform them that you will be tied up in a meeting until 2:30’ish and you’ll notify them as soon as you’re  out of the meeting.  If you do remember, your cool, if not, your toast …

Let Txtot help you remember.  Watch the video below on how simple it is to use.

Head on over to app store and pick it up

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