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St. Louis County Property Value Assesments 2013 Update

Question MarkSt. Louis County Real Estate Assessments and Reassessment News-2013

Will your property taxes be going up?  Is your home’s value being assessed correctly? St. Louis County property value assessments don’t take place every year.

By law, the St. Louis County Assesor’s office is required to update property values for all real estate in St. Louis County … 2013 Is A Reassessment Year.

What to Expect from the St. Louis County Property Tax Assessment Report

  1. Homeowners will get a postcard in the mail in mid-March when preliminary values are posted online.
  2. Formal reassessment notices will be sent out in May.
  3. Don’t wait for a formal letter. Take a look at your home’s value online in mid-March. Go to:
  4. Call 314-615-4230 if you need assistance in looking up your personal information.

Update 3-20-2013: Reassessment Information is Now Online

Important Notice


You Won’t Get a Change of Assessment Notice in the Mail Unless Your Property Value has Increased




How to Appeal Your St. Louis County Real Estate Assessment

Starting March 19, informal conferences for St. Louis County residential property owners will be scheduled.
Call 314-615-4595 to request an appointment.  We have heard that appointments are limited and time slots may fill quickly.

When you get your results and something looks wrong call 314-615-4230 and let them know!

How to Appeal Your Property Value Assessent

How to Find What’s for Sale in Your Neighborhood and Keep Track of Home Values

instant home evaluationDid you know that within a couple of seconds you can see homes for sale in your neighborhood?  With our Mobile App you can see (including photos) everything for sale around you instantly.
You can also see the location of all open houses, which properties reduced their price and new listings right on your mobile device.  Download Here

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