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New York Times Publishes Front Page Story About Crime in St. Louis-Were They Fair?

New York Times Cover Page November 20 2013Is St. Louis Being Misrepresented by the National Media When it Comes to Crime Reporting?

The front page  of the New York Times splashed an above-the-fold headline this week focusing on crime in north St. Louis and another neighborhood on the decline. The opening line of the article sounded like it was taken right out of the pages of a gun-slinging western novel.

We would not deny that there is a crime problem in some parts of St. Louis. The question is if the media is painting over our area with a wide brush creating an image which is not accurate.

Several years ago we helped an individual relocate to Chesterfield from overseas. As we were wrapping up our conversations the final question posed to me was …

Are there many drive-by shootings in Chesterfield?

Here once again was a “perception is greater than reality” moment that was undoubtedly formed by the national media and their reporting on St. Louis.

There are a lot of very positive things that are not being reported in the New York Times article and several civic organizations published a video challenging not only crime reporting methods but also the negative perceptions being foisted upon St. Louis.

The Truth About Crime in St. Louis

Let’s debunk some of these crime ratings and get an alternative view as to what’s going on here by the people who live here:

St Louis Metropolitan Crime Mapping Web SiteCrime Reporting Map for St. Louis

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department has a great easy-to-use crime map. It plots where crimes have been committed and what types of crimes.  Auto theft, property crimes, assaults are reported visually allowing you to make your own informed decisions. The site will also link you to mobile app versions of the program you might find useful.

Popular St. Louis Neighborhoods and Homes for Sale

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 Relocating to St. Louis

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