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Should You Buy a St Louis Home with a Pool?

Subdivision Community PoolConsiderations When Buying a St. Louis Home with a Pool

You can already feel the return of St. Louis summer heat and humidity.  It makes that home for sale with a pool look more attractive than just a couple of weeks ago doesn’t it? The question is whether it’s a right move for you.  Should you buy a home with a pool? Let’s take a look at some key points to help you evaluate the pros and cons.


You won’t be surprised to find out that the top four states for in-ground pools are California, Florida, Texas, and Arizona according to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals. (APSP)
If you’re looking for a home in California, or south Florida there’s an expectation that a home will have a pool. In these areas if the home does not have a pool there’s a good chance that it will take a little longer to sell.  Below is an interesting chart on home owners’ perceived impact of a pool on the value of a home …

Home owners perceived impact of a pool for home values








How Many Month’s Usage Would You Get with a Pool in St. Louis?

That depends on your personal temperature tolerance.  Anybody who knows St. Louis is aware that we can get all four seasons in a week!  Check out the chart below:

Daily High and Low Temperatures in St Louis

 The Style and Purpose of a Pool

In-ground pools are more popular than above-ground pools with the pool being integrated into the landscape of the home. Oval-shaped or rectangular pools work well with classic traditional brick, stone, or frame houses.  The primary use of your pool should determine the size, shape and amenities.  Is it just for one person to swim laps, or a place for larger groups to hang out? Your needs will determine whether to have a swim lane, or shallow and deep ends and a possible area for games.

Does a Pool Add Value to a Home?

Once again the answer will depend on location.  The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals surveyed real estate professionals across the country and here’s the responses:

realtors view as to the value of a pool

57.3% of Midwest Realtors said a pool had a neutral effect on a home’s value

17.9% said it added 5% increase in value

24.8% said it had a 5% negative impact on value

Notice how the responses vary from region to region in the country.





Budgets for Pools

The APSP estimates that the costs for a modest in-ground pool averages around $34,000 depending on how many bells and whistles you add plus your particular location.  You may be able to reduce your monthly maintenance costs by installing a salt water system.  These systems are gaining in popularity because they require less maintenance and minimize damage to hair color, skin, and poolside plantings compared to traditional chlorine-based systems.  You should probably count on monthly costs of $50-$75 a month for upkeep.

leaping into a poolLook Before You Leap

Make sure that the home has enough property to meet the community’s setback rules and any other subdivision bylaws or standards.  Does the topography allow for good drainage, what affect will adding a pool have on your homeowner insurance?

What If You Like the House-But Don’t Want the Pool?

Maybe you’ll find yourself in a situation where the home you love has a pool but you don’t really want it.  You might have small children and not feel comfortable in that setting, or maybe the pool is an eyesore or taking up too much of the backyard.  The cost for removing a pool and then filling in can anywhere from $10,000-$20,000.  Cost Helper Home and Garden has a great article you may want to refer to for more information on this subject. See article Some agents recommend that their sellers have a recent bid on removing the pool before they list their home.

Where Can You Find a St. Louis Home with a Pool?

If you find it hard to resist the appeal of a pool for your next home we’ve made it easy for you to see what’s for sale by following the links below:

St Charles Homes for Sale with a Pool $100-$300K
St Charles Homes for Sale with a Pool $300-$700K

St Louis County Homes for Sale with a Pool $100-$300K
St Louis County Homes for Sale with a Pool $300-$600K
St Louis County Homes for Sale with a Pool $600K-$1 Million
St Louis County Homes for Sale with a Pool $1 Million Plus

Conclusion: It Boils Down to a Personal Choice and Preference.  However, there is a possible compromise …

St. Louis Community or Subdivision with a Pool

If getting a pool is a heated subject (pardon the pun) you could compromise by buying a home in a subdivision with a pool.  All the enjoyment with none of the hassles.  Here’s where you will find these jewels.  BTW, we are here to help you buy them so give us a call at 636-532-4200.

St Louis Subdivisions with Pool 100-200K
St Louis Subdivisions with Pool 200-300K
St Louis Subdivisions with Pool 300-500K

St Louis Subdivisions with Pool 500K Plus

St. Charles Subdivisions with a Pool

St Charles Subdivisions with Pool 150-200K
St Charles Subdivisions with Pool 200-250K
St Charles Subdivisions with Pool 250-300K
St Charles Subdivisions with Pool 300-500K
St Charles Subdivisions with Pool 500K Plus

Using an Exclusive Buyer Agent in Your Home Search

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