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When a Home Doesn’t Look the Same As It Did Online

Why a Home Doesn’t Look Like
What You Saw Online

If you’re out looking at homes for sale there’s a good chance you’ll eventually become an innocent victim of “Creative Listing Descriptions”.  The home doesn’t look like it did online.
You’ll get the feeling after you enter the home with your hopes and expectations geared for something good.  Then the reality of what the home actually looks like hits you like your first bad blind date experience.  Really?  Are we at the right address? Anger and frustration sets in and hopefully the children will not learn any new expletives from you.

What’s going on here?  You just lost time and fell prey to Creative Listing Descriptions and photography.

Myth vs RealityDigital Photography and Flowery Words Make it Challenging for Home Buyers

Digital cameras with wide-angle lens and sophisticated filters can make almost anything look better than what it actually is.
The Seller has probably paid to have the nicest photos their budget can afford with you, the Buyer, as their target.

Here’s the facts: The listing company did a great job if they got you come out and check out their property based on their photos.
Round One goes to the Seller who is trying to sell you the home (with a little verbal and photographic exaggeration at times).


Man in home office on telephone using computer and frowningHow to Protect Yourself from Photographic and Verbal Spinning of Listing Descriptions

100% protection is virtually impossible, but there are certain steps you can take to protect your time and preserve your patience. We have been working with Buyers for more than a decade and have been through hundreds and hundreds of homes and have seen enough baloney to keep Schnucks and Dierbergs supplied for years.  Here’s a couple of pointers we give our Buyers:

  • Focus in on room dimensions and know what your minimum requirements are before you fall in love with that pretty thang.  No matter how nice it may look and sound a 10×11 foot master bedroom is not going to work for you.  Photos are nice, but reality is better!  Move on my friend!
  • Use Google Street Maps/Views and take a look at the homes around the home you’re interested in.
  • Focus in on location: Is the home on a corner lot? If it is, it will probably have the smallest backyard in the subdivision.  Is the home at the head of a T type intersection?  If so, you will have headlights shining into your bedroom at night.
  • No pictures of the backyard?  Probably because it is very small or backs up to commercial property and/or heavily trafficked street.  If it was good, they’d be showing it friend.

Money and TimeSave Time and Money by Using an Exclusive Buyer Agent to Help You with Your Home Buying

We can save you time and money by sharing our Rejection Techniques when it comes to sorting through homes.  The secret to efficiently buying a home in the least amount of time  is learning how to weed out the bad ones. We can help you in this area.
You can be sure that every Seller has an Agent and a strategy in place for their goal.  You the Buyer, deserve the same.  It’s fun to look at homes online, go to open houses, etc.  However,when push comes to shove and it’s time when your money is going to be on the table, you’ll want someone on your side. Call Finding Homes for You today at 636-532-4200. We’ve been helping Buyers navigate through the home buying labyrinth for more than a decade. Hear from our customers

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