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Developer Introduces The Place:Luxury Garage Project in Chesterfield MO

luxury garage with owner

The Place-Luxury Garage Project Starts in Chesterfield

Call it the ultimate man cave, or a condo-for cars development, or call it “The Place” the luxury garage project. With a planned opening in the spring of 2016.According to the Post Dispatch, “The Place” will feature 35 tricked-out-to-the-max garages for exotic cars, boats, RVs, or any other vehicle the owner wants to tinker with, or show off to their friends. The price tag for this project? $7 million dollars.

The Place Building RenderingHow Much Does it Cost?

A 1400 square-foot garage will set you back $180,000 and a jumbo garage is $539,220. You’ll get concrete floors, fire sprinklers, Wi-Fi and utility hookups (100-amp service). The garages will have high ceilings to accommodate mezzanine owners may install if they want to see the tops of their fancy rides.  The rest of the man cave goodies like furniture, bars, etc. will be he responsibility of the owners. See web site for details

The Place Luxury GaragesWhen Your Passion Outgrows Your Garage

The Place project is put together by Randy Wild and Steve Stodnick, who are owners of Paragon Certified Restoration, a water and fire restoration company located on Spirit Valley Drive next to the Spirit of St. Louis Airport in Chesterfield.

Man caves have been around for a while but this is something different. Further extending the man cave concept from a house to a condo garage is something new.  According to the Post Dispatch article , several projects already exist in Florida, California, Colorado, Minnesota and Washington.
Visit their web site and blog which includes photos and more information

What to Do If You’re Not Quite Ready to Have Your Own Luxury Garage/Condo

This could be a hard sell for many men out there. “Hey Honey, you know what I really want for Christmas?”  A $180K for a place to play …. you get the picture.
We here at Finding Homes for You feel your pain of not having enough space in your garage and we’d like to help. If you can’t shell out this kind of change head on over to our article How to Find Homes for Sale with 4+ Car Garages


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