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How to Find Homes for Sale with Multiple Garages

garage floor plan

Homes for Sale with Multiple Garages

Men want to see homes for sale with multiple garages.  It’s true and the above graphic illustrates what a lot of guys would do with a floor plan if they could.
The keyword is … if they could. And let’s be honest … they can’t … unless they have a very understanding wife or they are a confirmed bachelor.

What is the Appeal of a Home with Multiple Garages?

Is this your garageIt has to boil down to clutter.  Most men I know don’t like clutter and the garage is where they can escape it.  It’s not that men don’t have their own kind of clutter to deal with. If it’s their personal tools, sporting paraphernalia, old trophies, fishing equipment, that’s not clutter … it’s their personal stuff!

In a study by the Depart of Energy a few years back reported that a quarter of Americans with two-car garages can’t park in theirs, and another third can only squeeze in one vehicle?  Sad! Is this why men find garages so annoying and yet attractive at the same time?


How to Find St Louis Area Homes for Sale with Multiple Garages

How do we keep the guys happy?  Did you know that over 80% of the web visitors to Pinterest or Houzz are female?  Where are all the men?  We are not trying to start a new Pinterest for men in this humble blog post, but we thought we could at least present where these elusive homes with multiple garages are located.  So guys without further ado below are your links. Enjoy yourselves!

St Louis County Homes for Sale with 4 Plus Garages

St Charles County Homes for Sale with 4 Plus Garages

Jefferson County Homes for Sale with 4 Plus Garages


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