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The Great Debate:Should You Hang a TV Over the Fireplace?

Should You Hang a TV Over the Fireplace Debate

The most interesting debates come from two opposing sides that believe adamantly that they’re in the right.
Millions of eyeballs will be focusing in on the Presidential debates over the next couple of weeks as the candidates share their approaches to the issues of our time. Did you know in the world of design there’s¬†another ongoing debate across the country?

Should You Hang a TV Over the Fireplace?

In the spirit of the Fall debates Houzz (for those who aren’t politically minded) has lined up two design professionals to make their cases for or against the idea. Tamara Leicester of Tamar Heather Interior Design argues against placing a TV above the mantel, and Matt Clawson of Clawson Construction argues in favor. Check out their remarks and see which approach you favor.


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