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St Louis One of 6 Cities Where You Can Own a Home for Under $1,000 Month

St Louis Affordable CitySt Louis:Metro Area Homes Under $1000 Month

According to MarketWatch St Louis is ranked among 6 cities where you can own a home under a $1000 a month.
The average monthly cost of home ownership in the Gateway city?  $876.00
The minimum salary needed: $37,527.

City homes6 Cities Where You Don’t Have to Make a Lot of Money to Buy a Decent Home

Pittsburgh was ranked as the most affordable metropolitan area in the US for hopeful home buyers with a monthly cost at $746. is a mortgage-data company which analyzed housing affordability in 27 cities throughout the country.
They analyzed the costs – including principal, interest, taxes and insurance payments of buying a median-priced home using a 30 year fixed-rae loan.  Loan rates were based on people with a credit score of 740 or higher and put down 20%.

CityCost of Home OwnershipMin. Salary Needed
St. Louis$890$$38,131
San Antonio$1,138$48,753


San FranciscoComparing Home Prices in St. Louis vs San Francisco

A median priced home in San Francisco would cost you more than $3,551 per month and you would need a salary of $150,00 or more to purchase.

St. Louis is looking better all the time.

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