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The Kind of Home a Man Would Like for Father’s Day

I bet if you asked your Dad or spouse, “If you had your way, and we moved, what kind of house would you like our next place to be like?”
He’d probably say, “Whatever you kids and your mom would like, is good enough for me.” (Good Dad reply) No Dad, seriously, what features would you like in a home?
Good question. There are definite features men like in a home. Why is that?

Men and Women Look at Homes Differently

Open floor plan, spacious kitchen, hardwood floors, main floor laundry are always a requested feature from women looking for a home.

Men, however have different needs. Not quite as complex or nuanced.
More often than not, husbands are willing to fall on their swords for the good of the family … while subduing some of their deepest desires. But, today is Father’s Day so we can pretend can’t we?

The task shouldn’t be that difficult. Guys, if we can be honest, are pretty simple.  Two of the top features men like in a home are the following:

1. Men Like Bigger or More Garages

If Dad could have his way with no restrictions, he might design the floorplan of his dream home to look like the image above. The garage is the peaceful haven for men who like to tinker, fix, and build things while experiencing peaceful, uninterrupted thoughts.
But Houston … We have a problem.

Many of us men are living under the illusion that we already have a home with a two car garage. In reality however, the last time we had two cars in the garage was the first month we moved in. The problem for Dads is clutter.

Most men I know don’t like clutter and the garage is where they can escape it.  It’s not that men don’t have their own kind of clutter to deal with. If it’s their personal tools, sporting paraphernalia, old trophies, fishing equipment, that’s not clutter … it’s their personal stuff! I digress …

A study by the Depart of Energy a few years back reported that a quarter of Americans with two-car garages can’t park in theirs, and another third can only squeeze in one vehicle.  Sad! Is this why men find garages so annoying and yet attractive at the same time? We can help you out Dad.

Here’s Where You Can Locate Homes for Sale
With Multiple Garages

Hey we can fantasize can’t we Dad? The links below are live and active and will take you to where you can find homes for sale with multiple garages:

St Louis County Homes for Sale with Multiple Garages
St Charles County Homes for Sale with Multiple Garages
Jefferson County Homes for Sale with Multiple Garages

2. Men Love Workshops

Where Would the Avengers Be Without Tony Stark’s Workshop?

Oh the contentment and rapture of having your own workshop!
Having a man-cave can sound rather primitive and perhaps self-indulgent, but having a workshop just sounds … productive!
The tranquility, peace, (along with bonding with your favorite tools) in a dedicated area far away from domestic noises and interruptions … bliss!

Dad Enjoying Himself

Dads love a workshop because it is even more isolated and hard to get to than the garage. The garage can be a heavy traffic area with family members going in and out interrupting the peace and quiet Dads need to continue to be good Dads. So, on Father’s Day , Finding Homes for You is going to help you find homes for sale with a workshop. Maybe by next Father’s Day you will be tinkering the afternoon away in your peaceful haven sanctuary.

St. Louis Homes for Sale with Workshop

St. Louis County Homes for Sale with a Workshop by Price Range

$600-1 Million
$1 Million Plus

St. Louis City Homes for Sale with a Workshop

$600K Plus

St. Charles Homes for Sale with Workshop

$600K Plus

Men: Why You Should Save this Post

Save This Post for Reference

All of the links above are active and updated several times a day.
Save this post as a favorite you can use in the future (like a coupon that you tuck into your wallet).

All of the links above are active and updated several times a day.
Save this post as a favorite you can use in the future (like a coupon that you tuck into your wallet)

With these active links you will always know where the homes for sale with workshops and multiple garages are located no matter what time of the year it may be.

So at that magical moment, when your significant other turns and lovingly looks at you and says, “Did you have any particular place in mind?” you will be ready with an answer and these links to show your hunter-gatherer expertise.

Call Finding Homes for You today at 636-532-4200 if you’d like to see any of the homes you find. Remember that we only work for buyers and will never try to “sell you a listing”. Easy, no conflict of interests.

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