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Zolve: Everything You Need for Everything You Own

Get Product Info In a Snap

Just take a picture of the label showing the brand and model on any product and get access to the world’s largest curated product support database. The company says it can deliver support for over 450,000 consumer products, such as appliances, electronics, power tools, outdoor equipment, and personal devices.

What do the Databases Provide?

Operating manuals (no more searching through the internet) how-to guides, tutorial videos, and more. Common parts are linked directly to your favorite retailers and select appliances even have hundreds of parts available that would otherwise only be sold to professionals.

Get Product Safety Notifications

The Zolve app monitors the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) database for recalls and sends alerts when a product listed in your account is flagged allowing you to take action quickly.

On a personal note, I have been snapping my home appliances including my microwave, refrigerator, universal remote control (how many of you guys still have the user manual for this?) our dehumidifier and more and remain impressed so far. Download it today at the Apple App Store and start snapping the things you own and love.

Snap Picture of Any House in the US and Get a Report on it Even if it’s NOT for Sale

I’m not joking. With Homesnap you can take a photo of any house anywhere and find out it’s potential value and/or what it could possibly rent for … EVEN IF IT’S NOT FOR SALE! You can also search for homes within the app and see lots of photos and compare it to other homes that have recently sold. Finding Homes for You was one of the first group of real estate firms in St. Louis to use and offer this to the public.
Click Here to Download and simply enter your mobile number in the form provided!

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