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Key Milestones Buyers Will Encounter on Their Homebuying Adventure

Here are the key milestones you’ll encounter on your path to homeownership.

After working with Buyers for 20+ years we were excited to find the above infographic to share with you.
Here’s a recap of the steps you will be taking and the landmarks you will see as you get closer to your homebuying destination.

  1. Build Your Team: You will need guidance along the way and as the saying goes, “No man is an island”. A trusted guide can save you time, stress, and possibly money!
  2. Know Your Score: Talk to a lender and find out what your credit score is and see if you need to improve it or not by cutting down debt or spending. (We can provide you with trusted lenders)
  3. Boost Your Savings: Talk to a lender about down payment options, set a goal, and budget accordingly.
  4. Know Your Numbers: Discover what you can afford based on mortgage rates, income, and more. Then get pre-approved by a trusted advisor.
  5. Go House Hunting: Explore neighborhoods, and home types, and determine your must-haves with your agent. Get to know local market prices of homes, days on the market, what homes are selling for, and current prices.
  6. Make an Offer: Meet with your agent to draft your offer and negotiate with the seller.
  7. Get an Inspection and an Appraisal Rely on the pros as they determine the value and condition of the home. Renogtiatate as needed.
  8. Make It Official: On closing day, sign the final documentation and get the keys to your home.
  9. Move into Your New Home: Send in the movers because it’s time to make your dream a reality on move-in day.

Additional Resources for Your Journey

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